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Course Content and Requirements

All defensive driving courses offered for point reduction and insurance discounts in New York must meet or exceed the National Safety Council's standards for defensive driving courses. Also, before a defensive driving course can be offered in New York, the course provider has to be able to provide the DMV with data proving that former students of the course had fewer accidents and/or committed fewer violations than people who had not taken the course. 

All defensive driving courses in New York have to be at least 6 hours long, but some of those 6 hours can be spent watching videos or using other multimedia teaching aids. The courses can either consist of one 6 hour session or two 3 hour sessions.  The exact lesson plans and presentation can vary depending one who sponsors the course, but they must include the following topics:

  • The dangers of drinking or taking drugs and driving.
  • How to maintain a good attitude while driving and how to avoid aggressive and/or careless driving behaviors such as tailgating, speeding, driving while distracted, etc.
  • Work safety zone awareness.
  • Road rage awareness.
  • A refresher course on current New York traffic laws.

Don’t worry if you have testophobia (fear of taking tests). There’s no need to fear a New York defensive driving course. Although the information conveyed in these classes is important and you should pay attention, there is no final exam.

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