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Course Eligibility

In New York, anyone with a valid driver's license can take a defensive driving course to reduce the points against their license once every 18 months. However, the DMV will only take points off of your license if you have points there to begin with. If you have a clean driving record, taking a New York defensive driving course can save you money on your auto insurance premium, but it won't bring your point balance with the DMV down below zero.

Taking a defensive driving class also won’t stop your license from being suspended for reasons such as a DWI conviction or for getting three speeding tickets in 18 months. Also, if the DMV has already taken action to suspend or revoke your license for excessive driving points, it’s too late to take the class to get it back. The bottom line? If you have a ticket on your driving record, act now and take a defensive driving class before it’s too late!

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