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The New York DMV is currently evaluating the idea of offering online defensive driving courses for point reduction and insurance discounts. In 2006, the state began drafting rules for a pilot program to study the issue. However, at this time, they have not approved it. Whenever the DMV decides to allow online courses for New York defensive driving, we will definitely have one available for New York drivers. Currently, however, our courses are classroom only to comply with the DMV’s requirements.

At Driving University, we don't believe that learning how to drive safely should be an exercise in boredom, even if you can’t do it from home. Instead of an endurance test, our course seems to fly by as you learn interesting facts and work fun mind puzzles involving highway safety and defensive driving strategies with our licensed instructors. Getting a discount on your insurance has never been easier! Click here to get more information on Driving University's state-approved New York traffic school course!

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