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The New York pre-licensing course covers important topics that teens need to know before they start driving unaccompanied. For example, pre-licensing courses cover the DMV point system, so that teens will understand the consequences of ignoring traffic laws. Also, pre-licensing courses offer tips and tricks for driving defensively, to minimize the risk of an accident. These courses also let teens know how to handle the situation if they do get into an accident. Teens will get the lowdown on how the laws of physics come into play on the road, and on the dangers of using alcohol and drugs before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Driver’s ed courses taught in schools teach all of the above information, but because more classroom hours are required, these classes are able to cover these subjects in greater detail. Per the New York Education Department’s guidelines, students will receive 24 total hours of classroom instruction and 24 total hours of in-car instruction. Of the in-car section of the course, student will spend 18 hours observing and 6 hours actually driving. Some time in a driving range or simulator may be offered as part of the 24 hours of in-car instruction, as well. Driver’s ed courses also contain a behind-the-wheel component that gives students a chance to practice their driving skills under the watchful eye of a professional instructor. If you are too busy or simply too nervous to drive with your teen, a driver’s ed class can be a big help.

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