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New York Red Light Cameras

New York City was the first city in the nation to put up intersection cameras to catch red-light runners. Here's how the cameras work: if your car crosses over the stop line after the light turns red, say cheese-you are on candid camera! The camera will take a picture of your car, and then another shot a few seconds later to prove that you did in fact proceed through the intersection even though the light was red. The city will go over the pictures, take down the license plate number in the picture, match it to the vehicle's registered owner and send the owner a ticket.

New York intersection cameras do have some advantages over the traditional "wait and chase" method of catching red light runners. First, it's impossible for the police to be everywhere at once. However, New York City red light cameras are focused on the city's most dangerous intersections 24 hours a day. Second, having police officers chase down violators is often dangerous and can block traffic. With New York red light cameras, the only person that's inconvenienced is the owner of the car that ran the red light.

New York City currently has 50 red light cameras installed at various intersections. They do seem to be serving their intended purpose.  The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running notes that New York has experienced a 62 percent drop in red light violations at monitored intersections since the traffic cameras were installed.

The red light camera program is currently confined to New York City itself, but if you live in Buffalo, Yonkers, Suffolk or Nassau counties, watch out! Cameras may be coming soon to an intersection near you. On June 19, 2008, approval was granted for 50 cameras to be placed in busy intersections in each of these regions.


Dangers of Running Red Lights

In order to get a New York driver's license, everyone has to pass a test based on that Driver's Manual quoted above. However, many New Yorkers still won't stop. Sometimes, red light violations are the result of "cutting it too close" and trying to race the light. Read more...


Number of New York Red Light Tickets Issued

New York City drivers are some of the worst offenders when it comes to running red lights. For example, according to the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running, in 2001 the New York City comptroller estimated that drivers ran 1 million red lights per day during a typical work day! Read more...


Red Light Camera Locations

Find a red light camera in your area.


What Are Traffic Lights?

Traffic lights are structures placed at the intersection of two roads. Using different colored lights, they let drivers know when it is their turn to go across the intersection. Wherever there's an intersection, there's the possibility of an accident if two cars try to cross at the same time. Read more...


Fines and Penalties for Running a Red Light

In New York, fines for running a New York red light depend on whether the ticket was given to you by a law enforcement officer or by a camera. If your traffic ticket was written by an officer, it's a traffic infraction. This means that it will go on your driving record, add 3 points against your license, and probably raise your insurance rates. Read more...


New York Red Lights 

Have you ever watched ants invade a picnic? It's actually quite fascinating. Hundreds of the little critters form orderly trails to your leftover potato chip crumbs and then begin to march back toward their anthill. What's so remarkable is the fact that even when two lines of ants cross, there's never a traffic jam or a collision. Read more...


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