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Fines and Penalties for Running a Red Light

In New York, fines for running a New York red light depend on whether the ticket was given to you by a law enforcement officer or by a camera. If your traffic ticket was written by an officer, it's a traffic infraction. This means that it will go on your driving record, add 3 points against your license, and probably raise your insurance rates. The exact fine amount depends on where you were ticketed and whether or not it's your first offense. For example, if you were ticketed in a city with a million or more inhabitants, you'll pay according to the following scale:

  • $100-300 for the first offense
  • $200-$500 for the second offense in 18 months
  • $500-$1000 for the third offense in 18 months 

However, if you were ticketed elsewhere in the state, you would pay according to this scale:

  • $50-100 for the first offense
  • $100-$200 for the second offense in 18 months
  • $250-$400 for the 3rd offense in 18 months

Red light running violations indicate to your insurance company that you are more likely to get into an accident than someone with a clean driving record. Consequently, they will raise your insurance rates. You can, however, offset an insurance rate increase at least in part by taking a defensive driving course from Driving University. Successfully completing our defensive driving class means that you will be eligible for a 10% discount on your auto insurance premium. Driving University's state-approved defensive driving court will also take off 4 points against your license, possibly saving you from having it suspended. Click here for more details on the course!

If you get a ticket from a New York red light camera, it will be treated differently because it's difficult for the state to prove who was driving. A red light ticket from a camera is actually more like a parking ticket. As the registered owner of the car, you are responsible for the violation, but all you have to do is pay a fine of $50, plus any court costs and penalties. The ticket won't appear on your driving record or cause your insurance rates to go up.

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