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Dealing With a New York Speeding Ticket

If you do get caught speeding, there are 3 ways to handle it. You could simply pay the fine by mail, avoiding having to go to court. You could go to court, plead guilty and pay the fine there. Or, you can go to court, plead innocent and try to fight the charges. If you choose to pay the fine by mail, you are admitting guilt and the conviction will go on your record. That means you'll have points on your license and you can expect your insurance rates to go up at the next renewal.

If you go to court, you may be able to talk to the Assistant district attorney about the ticket. If the Assistant District Attorney believes a lesser charge is justified, he or she may offer to reduce the charges against you in exchange for a guilty plea. If you plead innocent, you'll have to prove to the judge that weren't speeding when the citation was issued. Otherwise, you could still be found guilty.

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