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How To Beat a New York Speeding Ticket

You can also try to beat a traffic ticket by showing up in court and pleading innocent. In America, we have an adversarial system of justice. This means that if you choose to go to trial, you and the prosecutor or the officer who stopped you will face off in court. Both of you will try to prove your cases beyond a reasonable doubt. If you can create a reasonable doubt that you committed the violation in question, you may be able to get the charges dropped.

If you do decide to fight your ticket, you need to have a good, solid defense prepared. You don't want your traffic ticket trial to turn into the courtroom version of "He Said, She Said." You need to be able to say something more eloquent than "He's wrong. I wasn't speeding," when you confront the officer that wrote you the ticket. In fact, you may be better off hiring a traffic ticket attorney. Attorneys have a good understanding of the law and of what constitutes a credible defense to the charge of speeding. You are much more likely to beat your traffic ticket with an attorney's help!

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